Debt Consolidation


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THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE BASE RATE (BR) · Borrower’s credit profile. · OPR · Bank ‘s profit margin · Bank’s operating cost

To buy or not to buy ?

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Pause for a moment and think. What would be the biggest and most important decision you need to make in your lifetime? To some is choosing a good university, finding the right career path, the perfect marriage partner or perhaps

Should I refinance ?

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Why should we consider to refinance our home loan or mortgage loan? Let say, if you have difficulty to pay-off your home loan repayment after 5 years or you wish to generate additional cash flow to reinvest, then it would

了解什么是再融资 (Refinance)

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再融资 (Refinance) 是指把现有的房屋贷款转移到一家可以提供更低利率的银行,降低贷款利率,#节省利息。 债务合并 (Debt Consolication) 可将多笔贷款合并成为单一的 #较低利率贷款,更低的利率能有效降低财务负担,降低负债人的还款压力。 🏠🏘🏠🏘🏠 我们的服务专注于房屋贷款(国内各家银行),以及通过房贷再融资&债务合并协助客户减轻财务负担。 想要更了解再融资或债务合并?欢迎与我们联络,我们提供免费咨询服务: WhatsApp >>> PM >>>

First-time homebuyers — What you need to know‼️

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BUYING a house is one of the biggest investments a person can commit to in a lifetime. A substantial amount of research and money is often needed to purchase a property. Often, a first-time homebuyer may be so overwhelmed with

Seven reasons your loan application gets rejected

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Feeling stressed out and dejected because the housing loan applications you sent out kept getting rejected? While the banks’ risk profiling and credit lending policies may vary slightly from each other, the real culprit could often be something hidden and